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The Sikh Warehouse

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Our origin story is as classic as they come. Unable to get quick and easy access to items any Sikh would need for their daily routine, we knew we had to change this. We couldn’t be the only ones!?
In August 2012 we set up The Sikh Warehouse. Stocked with just one mighty item – the Kashera, we launched into the Internet! Long story short, we now sell over 150 products and this only continues to grow.

We strive to continuously improve our website, products, services and
communication. That’s why we have revamped our website, provide finance to
allow customers easier access to Kirpans by giving them the option to spread the cost and have launched MeetASikh – a modern matrimonial website. We even
collaborated with a young Sikh academic to help launch his latest writings –
Khalsa Rehatname: Bhai Nand Lal. All this while retaining our passion for The Sikh Warehouse brand!
Thank you for joining us on our journey.