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Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji

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Original artwork made using high quality digital printing, acrylic painting and a gloss finish on the wooden frame.

Artwork size:  35x50cm

РOriginal digital artwork printed on wood.
– Each piece is unique, handmade and signed by the Artist.
– Unique Pop-Art style.
– Gloss Finish.
– Easy installation – comes with a hook on the back.


This unique and limited artwork depicts Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji adorning his kingly attire while holding a Kirpan.

Guru HarGobind Ji¬†(19 June¬†1595¬†– Tuesday, March 19, 1644) was the sixth of the¬†Ten Gurus of Sikhism. He became¬†Guru¬†on the 11 of June, 1606, following in the footsteps of his father,¬†Guru Arjan Dev Ji. While the ceremonial rites were being performed by¬†Baba Buddha Ji, Guru HarGobind Ji asked Baba Buddha to adorn him with a sword.¬†Guru HarGobind Ji then put on not one, but two swords; one on his left side and the other on his right. He named one “Miri,” representing Temporal Power, and the other “Piri,” representing Spiritual Power, one to smite the oppressor and the other to protect the innocent.¬†Guru HarGobind Ji constructed the Akal Takht (God’s throne) in front of¬†Harmandar Sahib¬†in 1606. There, he sat on a raised platform of twelve feet, attired in princely clothes.¬†Guru HarGobind Ji excelled in matters of the state and his¬†Darbar¬†(Court) was noted for its splendor. The arming and training of some of his devoted followers began, and once the Guru came to possess seven hundred horses, his Army grew to three hundred horsemen and sixty gunners. Additionally, five hundred men from the¬†Majha¬†area of¬†Punjab¬†were recruited as infantry. Guru HarGobind Ji built a fortress at¬†Amritsar¬†called¬†Lohgarh¬†(Fortress of Steel). He had his own flag and a war-drum which was beaten twice a day.