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Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji

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Original artwork made using high quality digital printing, acrylic painting and a gloss finish on the wooden frame.

Artwork size:  35x50cm

РOriginal digital artwork printed on wood.
– Each piece is unique, handmade and signed by the Artist.
– Unique Pop-Art style.
– Gloss Finish.
– Easy installation – comes with a hook on the back.


This unique and limited artwork depicts Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji adorning his kingly attire.

Guru Har Rai Ji¬†(31 January¬†1630¬†–¬†20 October¬†1661)¬†was the seventh of¬†the Ten Gurus of Sikhism¬†and became Guru on¬†Tuesday,¬†19 March¬†1644¬†following in the footsteps of his grandfather,¬†Guru Har Gobind¬†Ji. Before Guru Ji died, he nominated¬†Guru Har Krishan¬†Ji, his son as the next Guru of the¬†Sikhs. The following is a summary of the main highlights of Guru Ji life:

  1. Continued the military traditions started by his grandfather Guru Har Gobind Ji
  2. Kept 2200 mounted soldiers at all times.
  3. Compassion for all living things.
  4. Made several tours to the Malwa and Doaba regions of the Punjab to spread Sikhi.
  5. Guruji’s son, Ram Rai, distorts Bani in front of the¬†Mughal¬†Emperor, after which Guru Ji removed him from the Panth.