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Jassa Singh Ahluwalia

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Original artwork made using high quality digital printing, acrylic painting and a gloss finish on the wooden frame.

Artwork size:  35x50cm

РOriginal digital artwork printed on wood.
– Each piece is unique, handmade and signed by the Artist.
– Unique Pop-Art style.
– Gloss Finish.
– Easy installation – comes with a hook on the back.


This unique and limited artwork depicts Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in his military attire.

Sultan ul Quam Nawab Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (1718-1783) was a prominent Sikh leader during the period of the Sikh Confederacy. He was democratically elected as the supreme military commander of the Sikh Confederacy on March 29, 1748 Рon Vaisakhi, this appointment is considered to be one of the greatest honours ever bestowed, in the 18th century, to any Sikh.

He was further honoured by the Sikh Confederacy with the title of ‘Nawab’, at¬†Amritsar¬†in¬†1754, after the passing of¬†Nawab Kapur Singh¬†in¬†1753.

He was also the  Misldar (Chief/Baron) of the Ahluwalia misl or army group. This period was an interlude, lasting roughly from the time of the death of Banda Singh Bahadur in 1716 to the founding of the Sikh Empire in 1801. The period is also sometimes described as the Age of the Misls. He was the also the fourth jathedar (leader) of Buddha Dal.