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Sarbloh Dhaal


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Dhaal Specifications:

15inch diameter

Made of 100% sarbloh

Five sarbloh thokars with engravings in the centre

On the back, there is a fabric handle in the centre to allow the dhaal to be held.


This Dhaal (shield) is made of 100% sarbloh with five sarbloh thokars (platings).

Most old paintings of Sikh warriors typically show them with a shield, either strapped on their back or hung from a shoulder, this shield is known as a dhaal. Because of the limited defensive capabilities of the tulwar, the dhaal shield formed the primary defensive weapon of the Khalsa.

The convex curved surface of the dhaal was designed to cause a lance head or arrow to glance off or slip from the curved surface. The dhal was held by passing an arm through two cross straps on the back.